Blooming Ladies
Consumer tribe: Blooming Ladies
Keywords: Femininity, motherhood, peaceful elements, reflections and philosophy of life, decorated environment.

Description of their identity

This tribe is made up of women, primary mothers between 30 and 50 years old, who position themselves on social media based on the following axes:

1) Aesthetics attached to traditional femininity, such as the use of colors in soft tones, the ever-present smile, connection with nature, or decorative details.

2) Constant reflection, connection with himself, and depth in his philosophy of life, which stands out for being in a continuous flowering of his being.

3) The exhibition of a peaceful and balanced life between her family and herself from relaxed poses.

They portray their lifestyle by highlighting their femininity through details of beauty production and different elements such as flowers and empowerment phrases. Family photographs are permeated with the aesthetic part: they show the aesthetic aspect of being a mother and family member and the peaceful elements.

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