Mommy Bloggers

Consumer Tribe: Mommy Bloggers

Mommy Bloggers
Consumer Tribe: Mommy Bloggers
Keywords: motherhood; inspiration; creative; responsible motherhood; blogging. 

Description of their identity

This tribe comprises mothers, pediatricians, or people who claim the label of bloggers, who together link their identity in and through their profession or passion: the care and healthy growth of children (or babies). Thus, how they present themselves to others depends entirely on their knowledge about being a mother from a technical and scientific point of view.

Specifically, in social media, the tribe projects this identity from tips for being a mother. These scientific articles outline the best ways to feed infants, phrases of self-improvement and motivation aimed at motherhood, photos of children, etc. Through publications, the task consists of revealing an objective and well-founded knowledge of what it means to be a mother and, in some cases, a father (when they try to display the essential role of fathers in the growth of babies).

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