AI Assistants

Discover the power of Antropomedia Express with our three cutting-edge assistants powered by the advanced ChatGPT 4 Turbo engine. Our unique setup ensures that both assistants deliver trustworthy results by exclusively using data from Antropomedia Research.

Genius Assistant

Empower your market research with Genius Assistant, the ultimate tool that transforms your device into a pocket-sized oracle of industry knowledge. Designed specifically for the discerning market researcher, Genius Assistant grants you unparalleled access to a vast repository of information, from vital statistics and illuminating case studies to in-depth insights across an extensive range of industries, all with the added advantage of regional specificity. Elevate your research capabilities and harness the power of precise, comprehensive data to navigate market landscapes with confidence.

Eureka Garage Assistant

Explore innovation with Eureka Garage Assistant, your go-to assistant for building robust marketing and innovation strategies. With access to thousands of sources, Eureka Garage Assistant empowers you to craft well-informed plans and arguments for your projects. It's your perfect partner for comprehensive strategy development.

Ask the Tribe Assistant

Dive into market insights with Ask the Tribe, your personal assistant for conducting tailor-made focus groups. Choose the consumer tribe that aligns with your goals and utilize this tool for a variety of purposes: from testing product appeal and training sales teams to identifying potential risks and gaining deep audience insights. Ask the Tribe is ideal for gathering valuable feedback and refining your ideas.

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