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What is Antropomedia Express?

Antropomedia Express is an audience segmentation model designed and published by Antropomedia. It is used by marketing, design, CX, and UX professionals looking for an accurate and well-argued perspective to better understand their current and potential customers. It gives them access to the most complete "encyclopedia" of consumer tribes worldwide, inspiring them to get closer to the human context of their target segments, saving time and investment in other segmentation solutions.

What is it for?

Demographic variables such as gender, age, and geographic location are no longer sufficient to segment markets. Instead, this new world is as much about how we choose to identify ourselves, how we define our priorities, and who we choose as our cohort as it is about where we physically work, eat, play or worship. Nowadays, the value of products lies in their ability to strengthen community links and foster a sense of tribal belonging, membership, or "we-ness." Antropomedia Express helps you better understand how to direct a commercial communication campaign, improve a digital strategy, design a new product or launch a new service to the market. The universe of possibilities is infinite, and the most important thing is that you have the correct information about the potential market segments.

Who is behind it?

The backing of the information that we put at your disposal so that you can make better decisions comes from Antropomedia, a pioneer in the application of digital anthropology in the context of business, which has accumulated more than twelve years of studying consumer tribes with scientific rigor. You can learn more about the research process with academic rigor from which Antropomedia Express is sustained in this link:

Why should you use the Genius Membership?

Because for an affordable price, the information you will find here will provide you with solid arguments to justify business decisions and new creative paths.

More questions?

If you have more questions, give us a call. Please email us at to schedule a call.

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