The need to feel that other people truly understand one and that one can do the same for those around them is one of the most fundamental aspects of being human. Having one's awareness of the world broadened by exposure to novel or differing points of view is an essential component in the formation and growth of the community. It is a quality that every individual and every brand should embody.

A notable example where the basic human need for empathy inspired a marketing campaign is Airbnb's "We Accept" campaign. Launched in 2017, this campaign was a direct response to rising concerns about discrimination and social divisiveness. Airbnb used the campaign to promote a message of acceptance and inclusivity, aligning with the brand's core values of belonging and community.

The "We Accept" campaign featured people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures, showcasing Airbnb's commitment to providing a welcoming platform for all. The campaign pledged to provide short-term housing for 100,000 people in need, including refugees, disaster survivors, and frontline workers, emphasizing Airbnb's dedication to empathy and support for global communities.

This marketing strategy not only strengthened Airbnb's brand image as a socially responsible and empathetic company but also resonated deeply with customers who value inclusivity and compassion. The campaign effectively tapped into the human need for empathy, showing how businesses can address societal issues while reinforcing their core values and fostering a deeper connection with their audience.

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