Nature Purists

Consumer Tribe: Nature Purists

Nature Purists
Consumer Tribe: Nature Purists
Keywords: Nature awareness; social awareness; environment; veganism; nature landscapes.

Description of their identity

Nature Purists is the name assigned to describe a group of people (between 20 and 50 years old) who share a deep attachment to nature and, to a lesser extent, to the animal world. Their travels, daily life, and speech portray any element that highlights trees, palm trees, seas, lakes, and animals. Hence, trips to places that promote sustainable contact with nature attract their attention and show that they visit them (Check-In).

The natural scenery, therefore, is the element that articulates their identity. And with good reason, they project it on the Internet through images of their trips to rural places, speeches in favor of the protection of Mother Nature, and photos in which they are in contact with trees, animals, and rivers/lakes. In short, it is about positioning themselves from the natural and visiting organic places, that is, places that have not been intervened by humans, or at least with sustainable elements (green architecture).

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