Consumer Tribe: Otakus

Consumer Tribe: Otakus
Keywords: anime; manga; video games; humor; cosplay; cosplay conventions, comics.

Description of their identity

The word "otaku" means "house" in Japanese; the term refers to the trend of young adolescents who, even in the Latinoamerican context, replicate the digital behavior of this international tribe. Specifically, they are young people between 13 and 19 years old who build their identity not from their social relationships and activities carried out in the physical world but from their appropriation, familiarity, and mastery of fictional worlds.

Anime and manga are the two styles of fantasy worlds that arouse the most devotion. Their members form exclusive and highly cohesive groups around fictional characters belonging mainly to anime, manga, and video game universes. It is about being constituted by the fictitious to the extent of embodying it in their person (through their appearance, language, and social codes).

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