Consumer Tribe: Artivists

Consumer Tribe: Artivists
Keywords: Design; photography; cinema; independent music; literature; social awareness; culture; literature.

Description of their identity
Artivist (art: art and activist: activist) is a tribe of youth and young adults who identify with the figure of the activist who expresses himself through art. They are people, some academics or journalists, who, because they are concerned about the world's current conditions, use painting, literature, and music to make a reflection and unveil injustices or social problems that are not so visible.

The art/cause-social relationship is what allows them to articulate their identity. It is not about emulating the logic of traditional journalists, nor is it about only dedicating themselves to the artistic field, but about mixing the two dimensions to communicate problems creatively and, ultimately, to produce affections (and effects) in others about conditions that need to be addressed because they dismay society. Their social media features many artworks that incite constant ethical reflection.

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