Artsy and Culture

Consumer Tribe: Artsy and Culture

Artsy and Culture
Consumer Tribe: Artsy and Culture
Keywords: Literature; museums; art; literature; architecture; cultural exhibitions; Mexican culture; music. 

Description of their identity
This consumer tribe has been called Artsy and Cultured because it conforms to a network of people who position themselves as staunch connoisseurs of history, art, and traditions from an intellectual stance. In this sense, they articulate their identity figure with literature, music, painting, and theater from an optic that not only enjoys the moments of consumption but also enunciates and postulates them from deep, theoretical, technical, and historical knowledge.

The configuration of his figure as a cultured historian is the central identity axis of the members of the tribe. That is why their socio-digital platforms are constituted as historical archives that, on the one hand, highlight their interest and participation in events such as art exhibitions, lectures, and projects in pursuit of culture and, on the other hand, show publications with detailed data on artists, books and pieces of vinyl they buy and photographs and paintings that inspire them.

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