Behavioral Scientists

Consumer Tribes: Behavioral Scientists

Behavioral Scientists
Consumer Tribes: Behavioral Scientists
Keywords: Psychology, Science, Neuropsychology, Study Life, Science.

Description of their identity

The Behavioral Scientists tribe is consolidated by a network of profiles between 30 and 40 years old that position themselves in social media from the scientific rigor immersed in psychology. In this sense, they use their social networks not only to show their link with the profession but also to give an explicit scientific connotation to their figure.

In other words, the present tribe is made up of students, professors or people who share a theoretical and methodological vision of psychology attached to science. So they seek to highlight their work within the laboratory and explain the ways of constructing valid scientific knowledge. For the tribe, the PhD in Psychological Research provides, from its facet attached to Neuropsychology, the tools and knowledge that allow to practice the discipline from a scientific demand.

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