Blind Groupies

Consumer Tribe: Blind Groupies

Blind Groupies
Consumer Tribe: Blind Groupies
Keywords: Trends, music, Tiktok, Youtubers, Tiktokers, music idols.

Description of their identity

This tribe is composed of a network of profiles from around 14 years that position themselves in social media from their “blind” fanaticism for their idols. In this sense, their profiles become a set of platforms that function as odes to their favourite artists, tiktokers and YouTubers.

In other words, Blind Groupies is a network of children and adolescents who build their identity from their overflowing fanaticism. They not only interact with the content of characters such as Calle and Poché but also build hermetic groups of fans and try to imitate the steps, dances, and aesthetic style of each of their idols.

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