Consumer Tribe: Caregivers

Consumer Tribe: Caregivers
Keywords: social causes; injustices; social events; social awareness; non-profit organizations; charity. 

Description of their identity
Caregivers are the name of a tribe that comprises a group of people who are heterogeneous in their profession but united by the same practice: their participation in social causes. Psychologists, social workers, mothers, fathers and professional entrepreneurs all position themselves from the concern for helping the most disadvantaged and their active participation in contributing to the cause(s).

Among all the profiles, unconditional dedication is what unifies the tribe. Rather than positioning themselves as experts in their domain, the members put aside their professional persona to show, first and foremost, the affective passion involved in helping others. Psychologists or social workers use their profession more to build a charitable, knowledgeable and tireless image than an expert figure.

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