Consumer Tribe: Coffeeloshopers

Consumer Tribe: Coffeelosophers
Keywords: Coffee shops; literature; phrases; movies; design; art; galleries; intellectualism. 

Description of their identity
Coffeelosophers is a tribe of men and women who articulate their identity with the constant search for intellectual and artistic wisdom regardless of age. They expose themselves concerning art, academia, or literature and promote a figure from their relationship with gourmet and coffee consumption in aesthetic terms.

Hence the importance of coffee/tea consumption for the tribe. It is more than a moment of the day. It is an identity social practice that functions as a moment of inspiration and impulse for intellectual production, enjoyment, and contemplation of the artistic. That is why in their social media, coffee consumption intertwines with images of books, plays, paintings, and phrases of authors; they belong to the same semantic field for the tribe.

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