Coherent Mothers

Consumer Tribe: Coherent Mothers

Coherent Mothers
Consumer Tribe: Coherent Mothers
Keywords: children; social issues; motherhood, mindful parenting; conscious mothering; family values. 

Description of their identity

This tribe comprises stay-at-home moms with children between four and twenty-one. Although, like many other mothers, the members of this tribe constantly exhibit activities with their children, the message behind their publications transcends the role of mother to one of educator, guide and judge. For Coherent Mothers, being a mother means thinking about their children's education regarding general well-being, nutrition, health, culture and values.

The tribe is self-characterized by its awareness of the problems that involve children on a social level. Their social media function as the manifesto of their commitment to improving the conditions of injustice, thus increasing the moral value of their role. Defending children's rights is a relevant and close issue for them. The part of the mother guide is repeated throughout the tribe as the predominant and most valued role. However, these women also express their professional achievements, friendships and life as a couple.

The role of the mother transcends the care of their children and becomes a benchmark for life evaluation. They denote their appreciation for justice, such as the actions of people who seek to protect animals, the environment or minority groups. They express concern for the problems faced by children in Mexico and the world, such as poverty, marginalization and violence.

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