Consumer Tribe: Contemplators

Consumer Tribe: Contemplators
Keywords: Paintings; music; coffee; red wine; craft beers; plays; artist reviews; classical music; museums. 

Description of their identity
Contemplators is a tribe of men and women who are particular to presenting themselves as passionate about art. Hence, they use their socio-digital channels to expose the plays they enjoy, the museums they attend, the portraits or paintings that adorn their spaces, and the pieces of vinyl they listen to in their living rooms. It is worth mentioning that this is not a network of artists or people with artistic gifts but a network of individuals who are attentive to consuming art from the full awareness of all the elements that constitute a work.

In this sense, the ability to contemplate art from the meticulous and the paused is the central identity axis of this group of people. For the tribe, the enjoyment of artistic goods is a moment of reflection and meditation where they gradually experience the work with all their senses. Not doing so is considered a lack of respect for creating an empty gaze that observes art as a series of consumer objects or a spectacle without aesthetic depth.

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