Country Clublife

Consumer Tribe: Country Clublife

Country Clublife
Consumer Tribe: Country Clublife
Keywords: Travel; social events; landscape selfies; weddings; parties; nature landscapes; red wine.

Description of their identity

Country Club Life is the name of a tribe that builds its identity from its relationship with nature in an artificial way. They constantly seek to travel to places that allow them to disengage from the city in the comfort of a hotel, a hacienda, or a cabin.

Travel to natural contexts, therefore, is the activity that most define this network of people. However, this link is based on colonization: they perceive nature and travel from its negation, from the visualization of landscapes in artificial luxury platforms. The images of their travels reveal this situation: they all focus on natural aspects from a luxurious setting, from photographs in which they are seated on their balcony, images of the countryside where they are presented in city attire (trench coats, jackets, suits, etc.), or panoramic views inside hotel restaurants.

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