Culinary Explorers

Consumer Tribe: Culinary Explorers

Culinary Explorers
Consumer Tribe: Culinary Explorers
Keywords: Gastronomy; travel; Mexican art; Mexican culture; news; restaurant guides.

Description of their identity

Culinary Explorers is a tribe of self-taught foodies who link their love for gastronomy with a passion for travelling. For its members, conquering unknown flavours is an inseparable element of exploring new places. They seek to differentiate themselves from the tourist logic when travelling; getting to know a new place involves prior research to experience it as much as possible from the eyes of a local, avoiding the usual tourist spots. In the same way, they live the gastronomic world: they value the authenticity of local environments and stay away from big chains and transnational options.

Culinary Explorers transcend the gastronomic world in their search for new experiences, although they do not leave it entirely. Within their logic, food is part of the luxury experience as it reflects a separation from the "ordinary" routine. The love of food and searching for new experiences leads Culinary Explorers to travel internationally. They seek to maintain the same quality standards they demand in their dining options for the rest of their experiences. Luxury, in this way, is reflected in hotel preferences, clothing brands and travel options. The tribe imports world-class standards in pursuing luxury experiences primarily focused on food.

Several foodie blogger accounts are dedicated to exploring food from around the world. They usually upload their content to Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. Most of them seek to give an "aesthetic" tone to their publications, not leaving behind visual details such as colour, perspective and arrangement of elements within their photography or video.

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