Cultural Snapshooters

Consumer Tribe: Cultural Snapshooters

Cultural Snapshooters
Consumer Tribe: Cultural Snapshooters
Keywords: City; discovery; mobility; creativity; culture; iconic spaces; special events; traditional spaces.

Description of their identity
Cultural Snapshooters is a tribe of people who love photographing the cultural scenes and artistic assets surrounding them. It is a network of young people who enjoy capturing and immortalizing the architectural, creative, and social details that cohabit with their context through the photographic images they share on socio-digital platforms.

However, it is essential to mention that this is not a group of professional photographers. Instead, this tribe comprises people who take advantage of smartphones to consolidate themselves as "the" collectors of the culture that inhabits a non-perceptible way in their daily lives. Thus, its members are configured as hunters of images, which allow them to show the clinical and street eye they have acquired and developed to find extraordinary things within the ordinary: the cultural, artistic, and aesthetic capital of everyday life.

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