Cultural Tasters

Consumer Tribe: Cultural Tasters

Cultural Tasters
Consumer Tribe: Cultural Tasters
Keywords: International travel, local culture, gastronomy, friendships.

Description of their identity

The Cultural Tasters are a group of profiles ranging in age from 25 to 35 years old, fluent in Spanish, and established as world travelers. Within the context of their status as frequent travelers, they are depicted visiting international locations, with a particular focus on the local culture: this is where the opportunity to interact with other people and sample the area's cuisine arises.

According to this form of tribal reasoning, cuisine is one of the most important aspects of appreciating the cultural aspects of travel. Unlike Culinary Explorers, Cultural Tasters focus on discovering the places with the most flavor, and not so much from a "luxury" context, but rather appreciating the people they know, the most popular gastronomic food places, and the traditions of each place.

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