Consumer Tribe: Dreamcrafters

Consumer Tribe: Dreamcrafters
Keywords: Nostalgia, melancholy, digital realities, minimalism, nature, vintage.

Description of their identity

The Dreamcrafters tribe is made up of individuals who build their identity around three main axes:

  1. The conception and consumption of dreamlike and alternative realities
  2. Attraction to clouds, nature, and related emotions (serenity, melancholy, appeasement)
  3. Nostalgia for the 80s' - 90s and 2000s (even though many of them
    didn't grow up in those years)

They publish content displaying their attraction to cloudy skies and dreamlike atmospheres, where they seek to take us into the alternative (synthetic) realities they create. In their comments, they post references to their values of minimalism, simplicity, and ingenuity.

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