Consumer Tribe: Explorers

Consumer Tribe: Explorers
Keywords: Travel; monuments; nature; staying in hotels; outdoor activities; adventure.

Description of their identity
The tribe "Explorers" is formed by people between 20 and 40 years old who articulate their identity from the collection of experiences, whether they are from the city or not. They are receptive, open-minded and in a recurrent search for new learning and horizons, to the extent that they constantly travel to natural places (forests, jungles, camps) and non-natural places (cities, towns, etc.). It is always about seeking novelty through travel and the multiple constructions of new human relationships.

Thus, the figure of the nomad represents how they construct their identity. Nomadism implies the constant movement of the person in search of new ways of being and inhabiting spaces. And for that reason, this tribe signifies the journey as a moment in which specific tastes are re-constructed and affirmed through the collection of different experiences, such as trips to magical towns, camping, sports activities, and exhibition of regional foods and images that collect the most important monuments. In short, speed and immediate change are the elements that most interest them, so they are indifferent to whether the context is natural or constructed (cities).

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