Flashy Undergrads

Consumer Tribe: Flashy Undergrads

Flashy Undergrads
Consumer Tribe: Flashy Undergrads

Description of their identity

Keywords: student life; education; academic excellence; undergraduate students; vocation; university life; university; good grades. 

The Flashy Undergrads tribe comprises young men and women (15 to 25) who link their identity with academic excellence. In other words, it is a network of people who meet school and work requirements and constantly expose their multifaceted ability to develop from excellence in school, work, culture and sports.

Following this figure, the fundamental identity axis to conform as a member of this tribe is the saturation of the person's activities.

It is not only about good grades at school but also showing that they excel in extracurricular sports and cultural activities. They are carrying out projects aimed more at the labour or professional dimension. For them, it is about becoming the super-student who gives more than what is asked because of their vocation.

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