Consumer Tribe: Gearheads

Consumer Tribe: Gearheads
Keywords: Automobiles; racing; Formula 1; auto parts, car engines; trailers; heavy trucks.

Description of their identity

Gearheads is a tribe that positions their masculine identity from their accentuated and skillful relationship with cars. Specifically, they are young adults, from 20 to 45 years old, who show their passion for the automotive world from a non-amateur or ordinary perspective, that is, from a specialized, technical, and deep knowledge about how cars work and perform better.

The technical skill represented by the -Do It Yourself- logic is the element that builds their Gearhead identity. For this reason, they upload images of themselves repairing their car, pictures of their engine, and auto parts that they order from home, among other assembly and maintenance processes. It is about building themselves as people who are not only experts in the subject but also materialize the knowledge through the manual: the contact of their hands with the automotive oil.

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