Goal-Oriented Joggers

Consumer Tribe: Goal-Oriented Joggers

Goal-Oriented Joggers
Consumer Tribe: Goal-Oriented Joggers
Keywords: Exercise; marathons; performance; scales; food; travel; sports; route screenshots.

Description of their identity
Goal-Oriented Joggers are represented by men and women (from 20 to 40 years old) who associate themselves with running. Whether amateur or professional, they are profiles that run to keep fit or exercise. The act of running is taken as a lifestyle associated with overcoming obstacles and achieving collective goals.

And it is right there where exercise takes on particular relevance. Not only do they show in their social media images of themselves running or the kilometers they run every day, but they also show the social groups that are formed from the marathons, the overcoming of goals outside the marathon context (for example: in the work, family and professional), phrases of personal improvement, among others. So running is a social activity and an attitude of resistance and collective perseverance in all contexts.

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