Gourmand Amblers

Consumer Tribe: Gourmand Amblers

Gourmand Amblers
Consumer Tribe: Gourmand Amblers
Keywords: Gastronomy; cultural dishes; luxury dishes, restaurants; travel; health.

Description of their identity
Gourmand Amblers is a tribe composed almost equally of men and women over 30 years old who position themselves from the figure of the gastronomic expert. For this tribe, the most important thing is to recognize the best foods and places to eat, all to build a social figure in which they are recognized as experts in gastronomy from their own empirical experience.

The itinerant and nomadic experience of their palate is the central identity axis of this tribe. It is about showing that they know about gastronomy because they have visited numerous restaurants and tasted different dishes. They use social media to expose the food they eat every day, and at the same time, they give recommendations and reviews of places, recipe tips, restaurant locations, and photos of dishes.

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