Grounded Intellectuals

Consumer Tribe: Grounded Intellectuals

Grounded Intellectuals
Consumer Tribe: Grounded Intellectuals
Keywords: Photographs of landscapes, cultural places, art and culture, artistic expressions, murals, social spaces, history, intellectual data.

Description of their identity

Grounded Intellectuals represent a tribe that positions itself in social media from the perspective of an academic interested in understanding tangible reality. It is a network of people between 20 and 45 who are not only shown studying or in places such as the library but also present themselves as individuals who actively participate in reality. This may include attending marches, traveling to towns, or simply appreciating the culture expressed in murals, sculptures, or street art manifestations.

In this sense, they seek to show themselves as intellectuals who go beyond theory. They aim to understand the every day through direct contact with people and urban spaces. The tribe is interested in data and knowledge that allow them to stand out as intellectuals committed to reality.

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