Guilty Pleasure Team

Consumer Tribe: Guilty Pleasure Team

Guilty Pleasure Team
Consumer Tribe: Guilty Pleasure Team
Keywords: gym/food memes; personal aesthetics; candies; fit food; diet culture; fast food.

Description of their identity
The present tribe refers to a whole set of young women (20 to 35 years old) who articulate their entire identity in the constant search for the tight or fit body figure. However, this is not a tribe that fervently demonstrates an eating and exercise routine related to body care and health. Still, instead, they position themselves as women in search of suffering to achieve or maintain the desired body.

For this reason, the tension between indulgent and healthy represents the digital tribe. They find themselves imprisoned by the idea of achieving or maintaining a slim figure, even though they openly express their desire to leave that healthy life routine. In addition to images of the gym and healthy foods, they manifest many compensatory activities that allow them to consume indulgent food.

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