Humble Tempters

Consumer Tribe: Humble Tempters

Humble Tempters
Consumer Tribe: Humble Tempters
Keywords: Family; work; effort; gratitude; religion and spirituality; masculinity; rural life; rest; soccer; automobiles; leisure; fatherhood.

Description of their identity
Humble Tempters is one of the tribes within this digital universe that is characterized for being conformed by adult men, in its totality, who live in rural areas. However, beyond its context, what distinguishes this human network is its pride in belonging and proclaiming a humble and honest origin grounded in a family context and oriented by the Catholic religion.

In this sense, the identity axis of the tribe has to do with the phrase less is more. For them, the most important thing is their family relationships' quality (not the quantity), which results from their honest daily effort to build their heritage. Humility is a measured way of living that aspires to self-improvement through hard work, discipline, family affection and pride in rural life.

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