Jolly Drunkers

Consumer Tribe: Jolly Drunkers

Jolly Drunkers
Consumer Tribe: Jolly Drunkers
Keywords: Memes and comedy, alcohol consumption, beers, hegemonic masculinity.

Description of their identity

Jolly Drunkers tribe is composed of male profiles from 18 to 55 years old and use social networks to express and share their humor related to alcohol consumption, particularly beer. Through memes, these individuals make reference to their shared experiences of drinking with friends, their ability to consume large amounts of alcohol, and their resistance to the effects of alcohol, aspects that reinforce the construction of their masculinity.

It is worth noting that such publications not only serve as a form of entertainment for the tribe but also function as a way to establish and strengthen social connections within their circle. Humor related to alcohol consumption becomes a shared language that reinforces bonds of camaraderie and solidarity.

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