Landscape Collectors

Consumer Tribe: Landscape Collectors

Landscape Collectors
Consumer Tribe: Landscape Collectors
Keywords: Landscapes; nature; beach; panoramic views; balconies; motivation phrases; nature travel. 

Description of their identity
Landscape Collectors is a tribe of people of all ages; there are teenagers, young adults, adults, and seniors. However, despite their age, the qualitative element that unites them is contemplating spaces from a macro perspective. They love to travel, natural landscapes, panoramic views, and portraits of cities, deserts, jungles, and beaches from their balconies.

Contemplation is, therefore, the way they relate to nature and their travels. It is more about resting and touching with looks than activating and immersing themselves in the places they visit. And above all, the issue that most generate their identity is the admiration of spaces without human presence. That is why the photos they upload on their social media that portray beaches, monuments, skies, jungles, or buildings are devoid of people; it presents places in solitude, a unique person-landscape encounter.

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