Marketing Gurus

Consumer Tribe: Marketing Gurus

Marketing Gurus
Consumer Tribe: Marketing Gurus
Keywords: political advertising; digital marketing; digital communication; effective communication; political marketing; viral marketing; marketing expert.

Description of their identity
Marketing Gurus is a tribe of professionals who use their specialized knowledge in communication, politics, marketing, design and photography with a common goal: to generate content capable of moving mass opinion. They articulate their identity to the figure of the guru, which reflects that with experience and wisdom, they recognize all the elements of design, marketing, advertising and communication.

The members of this tribe position themselves as professionals with an evident mastery of marketing, advertising and political communication. Not only do they use social media to keep abreast of global marketing strategies, but they also use it to share their recommendations, success stories and achievements in this field. It is about showing their expertise to viralize ideas and campaigns from the figure of the wise guru.

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