Medical Add-Ons

Consumer Tribe: Medical Add-Ons

Medical Add-Ons
Consumer Tribe: Medical Add-Ons
Keywords: Health Care, internships, hospital life, patients, vocation, services.

Description of their identity

The Medical Add-Ons tribe is made up of students from 18 to 35 years in the health area, such as doctors, nurses, and clinical psychologists, who present themselves on social media based on two main aspects:

1) Their personal image in poses, which they complement by showing their practice of medicine and their vocation of service.

2) Life in the hospital, from their moments of coexistence with their peers and rest.

In this way, they show their medical career as an accessory of their person and as a space for socialization. It is not only a place that allows them to work or position themselves professionally but also enables them to connect with people and socialize in the process.

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