Multicultural Soulfies

Consumer Tribe: Multicultural Soulfies

Multicultural Soulfies
Consumer Tribe: Multicultural Soulfies
Keywords: Peace discourse; travel; yoga; meditation; multiculturalism; concerts; mindfulness; wellness.

Description of their identity
Multicultural Soulfies is a tribe of young profiles (18 to 25 years old) that position themselves from three principal axes. The first is the search for human meaning based on peace, balance, tolerance, and self-knowledge. Their digital identity is built from the relationship with activities that allow the introspection of the self (yoga, meditation, music, reading) and from the balance with the environment.

Secondly, multiculturalism is an element that defines them greatly. When talking about the multiple trips they constantly make, traveling transcends the discovery of a new place. It is more a possibility of connecting with others (and themselves). Thirdly, based on the two previous activities, Multicultural Soulfies are distinguished by a third identity axis: constant (self-) questioning. They leave behind their identity and culture in search of openness and knowledge from other ways of seeing the world.

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