Nat Geo Mindset

Consumer Tribe: Nat Geo Mindset

Nat Geo Mindset
Consumer Tribe: Nat Geo Mindset
Keywords: Photography; film festivals; art festivals; travel; cycling; urban life; art photography; abstract photography.

Description of their identity
Nat Geo Mindset represents a territory populated by photographers or people who position themselves from the artistic point of view and constantly interact with museums, art magazines, photo agencies and film festivals. Specifically, the shared meaning of photography gives them a social identity: it is an opportunity to authentically portray the stories that make up the essence of humanity.

Therefore, handling professional cameras serves a shared objective: to capture the essence of reality through details. They seek to portray stories and everyday aspects from the pictorial since images show more of humanity and nature than words. Hence their digital activity is related to photography: they take advantage of any moment of their daily life to express the culture from the people (forms of relationship), objects (typical of the region), food (flavors) and spaces (contrasts).

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