Optimistic Healthpros

Consumer Tribe: Optimistic Healthpros

Optimistic Healthpros
Consumer Tribe: Optimistic Healthpros
Keywords: Positive speech, motivational phrases, freedom, psychology, nutrition, selfies, self-care, self-love, wellness.

Description of their identity

The tribe called Optimistic Healthpros is composed of a group of women profiles from 25 to 45 years that position themselves in social media with a positivity that permeates their professional area. That is why the profiles of the members not only show that they are dedicated to nutrition or psychology, but, before that, they expose phrases of authors that highlight happiness and the search for daily motivation and, on the other hand, situations where they show themselves to be happy, accompanied by their family.

For the tribe, social networks become a channel where they express their professional profiles in a discourse that tends to the motivation of others, happiness, and appreciation of the details and people around them.

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