Organic Fetches

Consumer Tribe: Organic Fetches

Organic Fetches
Consumer Tribe: Organic Fetches
Keywords: Natural lifestyle, low-calorie recipes, homemade dishes, personal aesthetics, style.

Description of their identity

The Organic Fetches tribe is mainly composed of women and men from 40 to 60 years old who are characterized by displaying their identity on social media from the following vectors:

  1. They search for healthier alternatives for their food and consumer products.
  2. They are interested in what they consume, researching and sharing healthier alternatives in their diet and lifestyle.
  3. Interest in personal aesthetics and beauty: They relate to makeup and exhibit photographs that highlight their figure or style, thus expressing their interest in taking care of their appearance and aesthetic taste.

In short, this tribe positions themselves as people committed to a healthy and natural lifestyle who take care of both their internal well-being and their external appearance. Their social media presence reflects their holistic approach to self-care and a desire to build an aesthetic image that reflects their identity and values.

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