Post-Graduate Way

Consumer Tribe: Post Graduate Way

Post-Graduate Way
Consumer Tribe: Post-Graduate Way
Keywords: Graduation; job interviews; professional success; partners; friends; colleagues; family; travel; social awareness.

Description of their identity

The Post-graduate Way tribe comprises young profiles, which have the stage of educational training in common: They are at the final stretch. They are both men and women who are enunciating themselves from where they are, which metaphorically is the exit line to the labor immersion and, in the best of cases, the professional growth and the development of a good adult personal life.

They build their identity by letting others know the short- and medium-term goals they are conquering, which they publish in digital media as symbolic recognitions and certifications. Getting their first job, a salary increase, and starting post-graduate studies are events they mark on their timeline, allowing them to present themselves as productive people who contribute to society.

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