Prime Culturegramers

Consumer Tribe: Prime Culturegramers

Prime Culturegramers
Consumer Tribe: Prime Culturegramers
Keywords: Haciendas, photographs, architecture, travel, multiculturalism, cultural luxury, restaurants, typical food.

Description of their identity

This tribe comprises men and women from 20 to 45 years who position themselves in their social media from the relationship they maintain with tangible and intangible cultural goods from a perspective of luxury attached to detail and the assimilation of culture as a spectacle. In this sense, this tribe tends to share the content of colonial gates, haciendas, gastronomy, and worldwide cultural experiences. It is about positioning themselves from the luxury that appreciates culture as an aesthetic good. Luxury as culture is also discovered through food, being a point of connection with this tribe.

Their figure as cultured people is the central identity axis of the members of the tribe. That is why their social media platforms are constituted as events that, on the one hand, highlight their interest and participation in events such as art exhibitions, lectures, and projects in pursuit of culture and, on the other hand, show publications regarding art, typical food, books, photographs and paintings that inspire them.

The word hacienda refers to significant land estates, while smaller holdings were termed estances or ranchs.

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