Pro Education

Consumer Tribe: Pro Education

Pro Education
Consumer Tribe: Pro Education
Keywords: University studies; educational system; innovation in education; social awareness; education articles. 

Description of their identity
The Pro Education consumer tribe comprises a network of teachers, professionals, and individuals presenting an identity banner favoring the educational cause. However, this is not done in an obligated way or as a mere formality that they must perform for their current job, but it is an action that links to their identity figure. Education is not only their job but their passion. It is what represents them and what they fight every day to safeguard.

Hence the identity axis: the figure of the educational activist. They are not only teachers who do their job. They are not the only people who demonstrate a position in favor of education. Educating all people is their conviction and improving current conditions in their daily statement. The tribe collaborates to improve the educational level of Mexican society, in addition to sharing different tips to help students in their learning process.

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