Consumer Tribe: Quintaessentials

Consumer Tribe: Quintaessentials
Keywords: Travel; arts; social events; sports activities; yoga; cycling.

Description of their identity
Quintaessentials (derived from quintessence: perfection itself or philosopher's stone) is the name of a tribe composed of profiles that position their person from the luxury materialized by experiences (not so much from material elements). Specifically, they are men and women, from 20 to 45 years old, who articulate their way of being from their artistic passions and the constant search for moments of affective fulfillment.

Every trip, party and meeting presents them as part of a puzzle of activities that enable them to be constituted from the emotional, the artistic and the full. Hence, their number one social practice is traveling worldwide: moments that allow them to enjoy exclusive places, enrich themselves and implicitly differentiate themselves from others.

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