Regnum Christi

Consumer Tribe: Regnum Christi

Regnum Christi
Consumer Tribe: Regnum Christi
Keywords: Religious events; children's achievements; effort; baptisms, first communions, weddings.

Description of their identity
Regnum Christi is one of the tribes that articulate their identity with the religious dimension above the social and family size. In other words, they are people who work in the institution, fathers, mothers and young volunteers who fervently demonstrate their devotion to professing and being firmly anchored to Catholic religiosity.

However, their identity depends not only on the simple display of Catholic values in social media but also on the disciplined coherence of their person in the different spheres. For this reason, families exhibit their Catholic events (baptisms, first communions); priests are shown at social events in the neighbourhood, emphasizing their closeness and proper treatment of their community.

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