Retiring Boomers

Consumer Tribe: Retiring Boomers

Retiring Boomers
Consumer Tribe: Retiring Boomers
Keywords: Family; thanksgiving; hobbies; international travel; family; news; local travel; retirement; new experiences.

Description of their identity

Retiring Boomers represent a tribe of older adults (50 and older) who show how their identity is no longer explicitly attached to their profession or maternal or paternal family role. Instead, they relate it more to moments of enjoyment, tranquillity, and distraction, alone or accompanied.

Therefore, retreat's logic shapes their online and offline activity. It's all about exposure away from social and professional obligations to the extent that they are in a stage of life that focuses on relaxation, contemplation, and bliss. Family gatherings are shown more as social events than family meeting spaces (from the notion of the responsible father/mother with their children). Trips are more recurrent and are no longer shown as moments created to rest from work. In short, it is about establishing their life from the point of view of joy, celebration and retirement.

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