Rigorous Dietitians

Consumer Tribes: Rigorous Dietitians

Rigorous Dietitians
Consumer Tribes: Rigorous Dietitians
Keywords: Nutrition, Conferences, Eating Disorders, Scientific Methods.

Description of their identity

The tribe called Rigorous Dietitians is made up of profiles between 25 and 40 years old that are formally positioned in digital media from their professional figure. These are men and women who use social networks to manifest themselves as subjects who are training and rigorously seeking to practice their profession related to nutrition.

Rigorous Dietitians, unlike other tribes of this career, seek to expose themselves more to the figure of the scientist or doctor of health than to that of the motivator or amateur student. They expose themselves in a robe, share lectures, and use technicalities to talk about nutritional health. To the tribe, the speciality is a mandatory requirement to consolidate themselves as rigorous professionals attached to the scientific method.

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