Rookies of the Year

Consumer Tribe: Rookies of the Year

Rookies of the Year
Consumer Tribe: Rookies of the Year
Keywords: freelancers; network marketing; self-improvement; knowledge; education; self-education; marketing; learning.

Description of their identity
This tribe comprises a network of newbies (approximately 18 to 25 years old) within the freelance and network marketing industry. In other words, it is a group of people who relate their identity to the figure of the apprentice training in the flesh within the network business world. They carry out several activities linked to that purpose, for example:

  • Attend events of experts or sales gurus,
  • Show prolifically on digital platforms their achievements concerning labour and relate books of self-improvement that allow them to translate into something real their desire to become financially independent.

The acceleration of the optimization of the person in professional terms is the central axis that constitutes the Rookie of The Year. Assuming themselves to be rookies, they interpret each passing day as an opportunity to learn from the best, develop specific skills in a self-taught manner and expose their ideas in networking meetings.

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