Spiritual Prophets

Consumer Tribe: Spiritual Prophets

Spiritual Prophets
Consumer Tribe: Spiritual Prophets
Keywords: Wellness; meditation; religion; politics; yoga; spirituality; mindfulness.

Description of their identity
Profiles interested in health, Spiritual Prophets is a tribe formed by men and women who attach their identity representation to that of a guide in spiritual, emotional, and health issues. They position themselves as guides who, thanks to their wisdom, can point out to others the path to a fulfilled life, that is, to balance the aspects mentioned above.

Balance is the core point that allows them to show themselves in and out of social media. The tribe, to consolidate itself as a spiritual prophet, needs to stick to a pearl of mystical wisdom through phrases of authors, recommendations of self-improvement books, exercises that combine the physical and mental (such as yoga), infographics on how to mix the daily routine with personal times of meditation and training, among others. In this case, their wisdom depends not on the figure but on the discourse in search of the holistic.

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