Spiritual Yoguinis

Consumer Tribe: Spiritual Yoguinis

Spiritual Yoguinis
Consumer Tribe: Spiritual Yoguinis
Keywords: Yoga; wellness; mindfulness; nutrition; health; psychology; happiness; love; peace; spirituality.

Description of their identity
Spiritual Yoginis is the name given to a group of profiles that articulate their identity with yoga practice. Specifically, they are women and men between 30 and 45 years old who, through their exercise routines, diet, and lifestyle, position themselves through empowerment and spirituality.

Yoga, therefore, is not only lived as an exercise routine but becomes a central social practice that allows them to build their identity from meanings attached to well-being, health, peace, self-knowledge, and self-care. It is not just about doing yoga for the sake of doing it but about having a routine in which balance, inner peace, and personal transformation are constantly sought. That's why their social media not only portrays the time they exercise but also contains inspirational phrases of a religious or motivational nature, nutrition tips, and advice on how to be healthy.

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