Terroir Connoisseurs

Consumer Tribe: Terroir Connoisseurs

Terroir Connoisseurs
Consumer Tribe: Terroir Connoisseurs
Keywords: Travel, hedonistic pleasures, the technicality of wine, terroir, culinary experiences.

Description of their identity

The members of the tribe known as the Terroir Connoisseurs comprise people from 35 to 55 years old. Above all else, they are distinguished by their enthusiasm for traveling to different countries. They enjoy learning about regional traditions through the area's cuisine, wines, and delicacies. Their viewpoint is somewhat more hedonistic, and they have a modicum of an affinity for contemporary and traditional forms of luxury. 

They want to experience their destination for wine tourism to the fullest, utilizing all of their senses and doing so without any preconceived notions or expectations. They also pay great attention to the quality of the things they put in their bodies. Because of this, they frequently choose regionally produced goods. The people who belong to this tribe are extremely enthusiastic about the buried riches of the planet. 

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