Travel Bloggers

Consumer Tribe: Travel Bloggers

Travel Bloggers
Consumer Tribe: Travel Bloggers
Keywords: Travel tips; world adventures; destinations; lodging; travel budget; food recommendations. 

Description of their identity
Travel Bloggers is a tribe of men and women from 18 to 45 years old who link their identity to two intertwined elements: travel and wisdom. Every practice they show, discourse they emit, or presentation of their person is related to the figure of the "good storyteller", the one who exposes the knowledge they have on travel from the empirical, from their own experience visiting places around Mexico and the world.

However, one aspect that runs through this constructed identity figure is its implicit commercial objective. The excellent storyteller not only seeks to expose itself as the person who recognizes the minute characteristics of the culture of each region or the flavors of each place they visit but also must build a profile that emulates the logic of a blog to get sponsorships or agreements that allow him to live in that traveler-nomad lifestyle.

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