Consumer Tribe: Tuluminatis
Keywords: Music; spirituality; art; nature; concerts; festivals; social capital; organic food; healthy food. 

Description of their identity
Tuluminatis is a tribe composed of young men and women who articulate their identity from two axes: first, from their relationship with postmodern luxury, that is, one that is generated less from the material and more from the exclusive human experiences. And secondly, their particular taste for living in beach places allows them to build a lifestyle that considers the organic, the vegan, and the spiritual.

Thus, spiritual luxury is the identity axis that perfectly describes this group of people. For the members of Tuluminatis, the acquisition of social value is not achieved through the pompous manifestation of objects nor simply by leading a spiritual life like a tribe of yogis. Instead, their social value is materialized when they blend these two territories into a neo-spiritual lifestyle: one that shows their social status by camping in luxury settings (glamping), consuming organic or vegan food, wearing ostentatious robes, kurtas, and kaftans, and living in exclusive locations that allow for a relaxed and aesthetic lifestyle.

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