Wildlife protectors

Consumer Tribe: Wildlife protectors

Wildlife protectors
Consumer Tribe: Wildlife protectors
Keywords: Activism; donations; animal protection; animal shelter; animal adoption; veganism; social awareness.

Description of their identity
This consumer tribe comprises a network of people who articulate their identity from an active stance against animal abuse. It is common to see in their profiles a conglomerate of publications that refer to adoption centers, videos showing human cruelty against animals, animal shelters, information about endangered species, benefits of veganism, and images of jungles and wild animals, among others.

The figure of the activist concerned about the animal kingdom is the central identity axis of this digital tribe. For the members of the tribe, their identity depends on their constant concern to defend and protect not only endangered species but also animals that are victims of human consumption of meat. Hence, they not only promote animal protection: they seek the same time, to transform the relationship that humans have with the animal kingdom.

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